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Feeling Mellow? Say hello to yellow?

By Leanne Glavin

Some people call it a difficult colour to wear, but yellow can bring a drop of welcome sunshine to your home. Whether you’re thinking about revamping your kitchen or decorating your sunroom, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this lively shade into your property.

From small touches to entire paint jobs, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to make your home more uplifting. You can employ super-vibrant shades such as Resene Southern Cross or opt for something softer, like Resene Moonlight, with its gentle moonlit warmth.

Reinvigorate the kitchen

If you’re receptive to bright shades of yellow, the kitchen is a great place to start. Not only can you play with the wall colours, but there are plenty of cupboards and shelving units that you can bring to life with a new coat of paint. It’s important to think about what kind of vibe you want to create and pick your colours accordingly. For instance, yellow all-over can certainly make a statement, but it’s not the best approach if your kitchen is cramped.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a small space, or you’ve already got white walls that you don’t want to paint over. If so, consider painting your kitchen island or selected feature cupboards a shade such as Resene Wild Thing. You could also paint the inside of some of your shelves a complementary shade for a subtle pop of colour.

Liven your home office

Yellow is a strong shade, but if you use it in a space that’s typically de-cluttered, it can make a striking impact.

You can play up the colour with plenty of clean lines and furniture with strong silhouettes. In order to celebrate the colour but avoid overdoing the space, pair yellow with white and black, for a sophisticated feel.

You can either keep it traditional with plenty of natural wood, curved lines and wall-mounted lampshades. Alternatively, adopt a contemporary vibe by adding a glass table to your home office and a playful potted plant.

Remember, you can always embrace a single feature wall if you want to create an inspiring space for your home office without going all the way. You can do this with both paint and wallpaper for a striking effect.

A bold, bright sunroom

A sunroom is designed to embrace natural light, so why not use playful yellow hues in this space?

You can use curtains or drapes with colourful, yellow patterns to keep the heat in during the evening. By day, pull these open to allow light to flood into the space. Choose varieties that have white in them too, so you don’t overdo the yellow theme.

While you might have plenty of glass – think sliding doors and windows – there is certainly wall space begging to be painted.

Use Resene Hive and Resene Melting Moment in tandem to play up the yellow theme. A lighter shade looks good on the walls, while a deeper hue looks great on skirting boards and accessories such as cushions, side tables and vases.

Top tip: Yellows used inside always end up more intense when there is more of them… if in doubt use your bold yellow on a smaller area or choosing a lighter version.

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